Parent Coaching & Support

While your child is getting support elsewhere, I am here to provide support, care, and guidance for you. Having a child you love struggle with mental health issues can be confusing, lonely, and painful. Most parents I meet with have children who are teenagers to young adults.

So often, I find parents experiencing pressure to keep it all together, saying/doing the right thing, and keeping their experiences to themselves. I want you to know that your experiences matter and that you don’t have to keep it all together or do this perfectly. My desire is for you to feel empowered, competent, and supported as your child goes through his or her journey.

Our sessions will address stuck areas, possible solutions, and will also provide psychoeducation about your child’s mental health struggle. Our sessions are not about fixing your child or taking sides, but about collaborating in a supportive and compassionate relationship. I will seek to provide you with personal tools for when you feel stuck, alone, and the emotions have become too much.

To schedule an appointment or request more information, please call, email, or complete the contact form.

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