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About: Madelyn Lerud Counseling

Hello! I’m Madelyn. I am so glad you are here.

My desire as a counselor is to provide a space in which clients feel accepted, seen and heard in a way that provides them with the energy and tools to take ownership of their story and to continue writing it with authority.


I work with young adults and adults who are seeking to live fuller lives but stuff keeps getting in the way. Whether you feel like your past is creeping up, the same relational or behavioral problem seems to keep cycling through, or new and unfamiliar obstacles have shown up, I am here to help!

In my free time, I enjoy competing with my husband at yard games, fantasy football, and volleyball. You will also find me practicing yoga, reading, and attempting to redecorate my home. But most of all, I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.

I can help you with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, shame, self-esteem, stress-management, identity development & formation, change of life- roles or expectations, perfectionism, and faith integration.

Finding the right fit is so important and you get to choose your right fit! Please contact me to begin the process of finding what is best for you today.

M.A. Counseling Psychology (Bethel University)
B.A. Psychology (Bethel University)


“Working with Madelyn was life-changing! She truly listened and deeply cared about me.”

“She is intelligent, witty, fierce and will be passionate about helping you identify and reach your goals.”  -anonymous

“Madelyn was not only genuine and caring but also challenged me in my personal journey of healing and growth.”  -anonymous


To schedule an appointment or request more information, please call, email, or complete the contact form.

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